Girl From Space

Tea I love both coffee and tea, but in number of cups consumed, tea wins all the way. It's easy to make at home, and there is a great variety of flavours. I drink around 3 large Starbucks mugs a day, sometimes more if it's a busy study day. My favourite teas are black and rooibos. I like them dark and strong, or flavoured (vanilla, cherry, strawberry). My go-to tea is Earl Grey. I also occasionally drink green tea and white tea. My tea collection is massive, and I cannot stop buying tea!

Travelling I'd love to see the whole world, really, but since I consider two places home, I mostly travel between Canada and Austria. Still, I take as many trips in-between as I can, usually as weekend getaways in Europe or the US. On top of my wishlist is Iceland, which I hope to visit soon and see the aurora borealis. Other places I'd love to visit in the hopefully not so distant future are Australia, Ireland and Scotland, and the Victoria Falls. My favourite places to revisit are Paris, Milan, and Miami.

Collecting I've always had a thing for collecting, and I have smaller and larger collections of various things. My biggest collection is my theatre collection, for which I keep tickets, playbills, souvenir programs, and merchandise. I also try to bring back a Starbucks City Mug from any new place I visit (though I must stop; my kitchen only has so much space), and I've recently started collecting little souvenir buildings from cities I've visited to have a little 'World Showcase' at home (hello, Epcot). I've also started picking up Disney figurines, but cannot call them a collection quite yet. Since I'm also a Christmas nut, I pick up various Christmas ornaments year-round.

Fashion I'm a fashionista who loves to shop! I do buy a lot of clothes, but in my defence, I also know where to get the best deals. I love designer pieces, but I also love shopping vintage and outlet stores, where you can save a little. Other than that, I have a blazer collection of over 40 pieces and an equally large assortment of statement rings and necklaces. I love to dress up, but at home you'll only ever find me in my sweats.

Hockey I've been a season pass holder in my city for over ten years, and though I hate fall and winter, I can never wait for hockey season to begin! My team has won the national championships twice since I've started watching hockey... which isn't much, but it's still better than my other home team, the Maple Leafs, who haven't won the Stanely Cup since 1967 (the year my grandparents had the Cup at home and my mother sat in it!).

Space Last but not least, I love astronomy (in case you couldn't already tell by visiting this .space domain). I am by no means an expert in the field (there are so many smart people who know so much about astronomy and space travel; I could never know that much!), but I love anything related to space nevertheless. I got to meet my first astronaut in 2016 (Rick Searfoss) and hope to meet many more. The first decorative item I got for my new apartment was the Lego Saturn V rocket. (The second, in case you're wondering, was a Lannister tournament banner for the front door. Yes, I do have a problem.)

"Houston, Apollo 11 . . . I've got the world in my window." - Michael Collins